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2017-2018 & 2018-2019
Biennial Report


Thank you for reading our Biennial Report. We invite you to meet some of our clients and learn about their achievements. Learn about Villa’s continued growth and impact on the lives of the children, adults, and seniors we serve.

“As Board Chair, I am continuously impressed with Villa’s services. I see first-hand how Villa makes a difference in the lives of the individuals they serve each and every day.  Villa enhances the capabilities of each of their clients and advocates for them to be a functioning part of the communities where they live, work and play.  In turn, our community is a better place because of Villa.”

Patty Zuber,
Chairman of the Board 2018-2020

“It is inspiring to see all that our students and adults are capable of accomplishing. From elementary students learning to speak their first word; to young adults transitioning into the work force; to seniors who have retired and are volunteering and giving back. Everyone has something to offer. As Villa’s CEO, it has been an honor to serve Villa families and loved ones with intellectual/developmental disabilities for the last 23 years.”

Kelly White, MA, LMFT,

Chief Executive Officer

Villa at a Glance

Villa Esperanza offers 9 distinct programs for individuals, ages less than 1 to over 65 years of age, with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

729,520 service hours​

Villa provides each year to our participants


the year Villa was founded


different client disabilities addressed


cities where Villa clients reside


clients Villa currently serves


of every $1 directly supports programs


highly trained staff

We Learn

David’s Story

When David first arrived at Villa School, he was withdrawn and guarded, barely saying a word. Now, David has grown into a happy boy. “The outgoing kid you see today, it’s taken a long time for him to get there. At Villa he’s allowed to be himself without being judged or bullied,” his father Derrick said. “My son told me he’d never had friends. Now we can’t even get out of the car without people saying hi. Villa school has just been a godsend to him.”

Children & Youth Programs

Villa offers customized, enriching and comprehensive programs for children:

  • Villa Esperanza School
  • Hjelte-Phillips Speech and Language Center
  • Occupational therapy clinic
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Early intervention services


 school districts contract with Villa School 


of students have an autism diagnosis


specialized therapy hours provided per year

We Work

Andres’ Story

Andres first came to Villa in a time of transition. He didn’t have the skills yet to be hired for a job, but was fully capable and willing to learn. For many individuals like Andres, learning new skills and taking on a job can be overwhelming. That’s where Villa’s Employment Services Program comes in. Job coaches help guide clients through the entire process of getting and keeping a job – from the job application and interview process through on the job training and finally job performance and goal setting. It’s all about seeing the potential in each individual and finding the right job that allows someone like Andres the opportunity to grow and develop new skills while also benefitting the company they work for.

We Volunteer

Jasmine’s Story

“Jasmine feels accomplished and she feels happy that she can give back to her community,” her parents Elizabeth and Edmundo Garcia shared. Through Villa’s adult programs clients are engaged and giving back to their community through many volunteer opportunities. The experiences are invaluable and teaches them life and job skills. “Jasmine looks forward to helping out at the center and calls it her job. It makes her feel important and valued.”

Adult & Senior Programs

Learn more about Villa’s personalized programs for adults and seniors integrated throughout the community:

  • Employment services
  • Family-style residential homes
  • Independent living apartments
  • Independent living skills coaching
  • Community-integrated skills training
  • Day programs for adults and seniors


of Villa’s adult clients receive affordable housing support


unique sites offering employment and volunteer opportunities 


hours per year Villa adult clients volunteer in the community


In 2019, advocacy efforts locally, as well as in Sacramento, helped garner a small temporary increase in funding for some adult programs. “Working with passionate and committed folks throughout the state, we made significant progress this year for the developmental disability community,” shared Assemblymember Chris Holden. Villa thanks all those who helped advocate for this change including Senator Henry Stern, Assemblymember Chris Holden, and Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian for continuing to champion the needs of individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Thank you for advocating for potential.


members of the LA Coalition of Service Providers advocate with one voice in support of services


the annual increase California has seen of individuals diagnosed and requiring the kinds of services Villa provides


number of adults over 60 that are projected to have I/DD (Intellectual / Developmental Disability) by the year 2030

Volunteer Partners

Breanna’s Experience

Villa’s volunteer program reminds our clients of their value and helps strengthen our organization. Volunteers collaborate with staff to create meaningful interactions with clients. “I am impressed by how inclusive Villa’s programs are to the many different students here,” noted Breanna, a OTA student volunteer from Stanbridge University. “There is a real focus on the students’ individual needs and I enjoy be part of their efforts.” The gift of a person’s time is a validation to each student and adult we serve, reiterating their value and helping them to realize their full potential.

For a list of Villa volunteers, click here to download the PDF.


community organizations donate their time to Villa


total hours donated annually by 581 individuals 


annual cost savings volunteers provide to Villa

Thanks to Our Donors

Villa is honored to have gracious, loyal donors that keep us at the forefront of community needs. Thank you to each and every one of our donors for seeing the potential. Villa exists because of your generosity. Our students, adults, families, and our staff all thank you. To view a list of donors, click here to download the PDF. 

“We often hear, ‘Why do you support Villa?’… We support Villa Esperanza and its clients, their families, and the wonderful staff because we receive so much more in return…  To meet and talk and share and realize that our developmentally disabled friends have personalities and experiences and perspectives that add immeasurably to the fulfillment of our lives. Well, that is a lot to receive!

Cynthia Kurtz & Jim McDermott

Hope Moves Forward Capital Campaign

Phase 1 created the Villa School, which welcomed students into their new classrooms in 2018. David, Villa School student, takes you on a tour of his new school …

“This project validates the worth of my child. This project says that my child and thousands like him are worth the investment.”

Peter Vaughn, Villa Esperanza Board Member and Parent

Now, we are focused on Phase 2A to address our next priorities which include 3 additional classrooms, Occupational Therapy Clinic, and a Sports and Performance Center. Take a peek at what the ‘Changing the Face of Villa’ will look like.

A huge thank you to all our donors for seeing the potential of this amazing project and for helping ‘Change the Face of Villa.’

For a list of Villa capital campaign donors, click here to download the PDF.


Statement of Activities


Revenue and Public Support

Operating Expenses

FY 2017-2018

Revenue and Public Support

Operating Expenses

Statement of Financial Position


Villa has many great leaders, leaders that see the potential in others before they see it in themselves. Leaders are our Board of Directors and Executive Team who challenge the organization to see what can be, not just what is right now. Leaders include Villa teachers, therapists, program directors, job coaches, one on one aides, and the list goes on. Leaders are working with clients to help them reach their goals. With leaders at all levels of the organization we can continue to reach our potential. 

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